Do You Know How to Extract CBD? Info About a Few Common Methods Used in Extraction

Do You Know How to Extract CBD? Info About a Few Common Methods Used in Extraction

CBD is a popular compound these days as it can offer several medical benefits to us and is found to be very effective to offer relief from anxiety and pain, along with a number of other ailments. One specialty of CBD is that unlike THC, which is another compound that can produce a “high” feeling, CBD has got no such issues. So, CBD can also be taken by children.

Here in this article, we shall discuss how you can extract CBD oil from the cannabis/hemp plant. You can also buy CBD oil online by visiting the Express Smoke Shop website that deals in all kinds of genuine CBD-related products and accessories. It is one of the most sought after smoke shops in the US.

The following are a few methods of extraction of CBD:

  • Carbon dioxide extraction method

The extraction will take place in the following 3 steps:

  1. First, the CO₂ present in your compression chamber will be cooled to a temperature of -79 °F. Then it is pressurized for creating supercritical CO₂.
  2. Next, the supercritical CO₂ will be pumped into your extraction vessel that contains the plant material. With this process, you can separate the entire cannabinoids, trichomes, and terpenes, from all the plant material.
  3. In the final step, the CO₂ will evaporate from the extraction. Then it will cycle back to your compression chamber and the plant extraction will be left.
  • Dry ice method

This process also takes the following 3 steps as mentioned:

  1. First, ice and all plant material will be mixed to help in separating the cannabinoids and trichomes out of the plant materials.
  2. Then water is added and the whole mixture will be strained through micron mesh bags. The same process will be repeated till you get the best quality of products.
  3. Finally, all water will be drained from your extract and will be left to get dry out.
  • Steam method

Unfortunately, this method is not that efficient, and also more risky and difficult, and can damage the plant material. For separating the oil vapors that contain cannabinoids from the source plant, steam will be passed through the entire plant material.

The condenser tubes will create an oil and water mixture and this mixture will be distilled and leaving only the CBD extract.

  • Solvent method

This method is relatively fast, inexpensive, and easy, however, a very dangerous method as the solvents used will be highly flammable. Also, there is a risk that in the end, the product may contain some undesirable solvent.

Here the solvent will be passed through the entire plant material, which will allow it to collect and extract CBD from the plant. Then the solvent will be evaporated and only the CBD extract will be left.

  • Using the olive oil method

The following 2 steps are involved in this method:

  1. First, all the plant materials must be decarboxylated for activating the cannabinoids. Therefore, the plant must be heated to 250 °F and then allowed to sit for 30 to 60 minutes.
  2. The plant material will then be mixed with the olive oil and then reheated for about 2 hours, so that all the fats present in olive oil may extract the CBD from the entire plant material.



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